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26-Jan-2017 17:31

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I have had great, good, bad and horrid experiences, mostly thankfully good.

In about 9 months I will have lived here for 10 years.

I think all expats go through a honeymoon stage at first – the newness, the beauty, the friendly people and beautiful smiles etc.

But mostly ignorance of the the inherent culture makes people blind to how things really are.

Sri Lanka is a multicultural country, with people from varied religions and origins.

The strategical location of the island made it a point of business, and rest, for travelers, traders and sailors for centuries.

It is very difficult to get him to pay his way even when it is for his child.

He does nothing in the house to help and leaves everything for me to do.

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“Tomorrows roti paper.” 🙂 Anyway so after the honeymoon period comes the “trying to fit in”, or some extreme cases “trying to become Sri Lankan” – this entails learning Singhala, starting to dress a lot more conservatively, changing your natural behaviour to fit in more.After that I started dating a Sri Lankan guy which lasted a very long time but he wasn’t a good man and my reputation became tarnished as a result of that.That is all over now and I have met a new Sri Lankan partner, however I can still not kick the stigma of my previous man and many rumours continue to be spread – which are all untrue.He stares at girls/women when we are out he doesn't care if it hurts my feelings and does it in my face.

The official name of the nation is the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.As a matter of fact, Sri Lanka is one of the countries with more national holidays (26 per year) than any other.