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In truth, no matter how he’s dressed this morning, the “emo” tag never wholly suited Urie and Panic!

at the Disco, the band he and three childhood friends formed in 2004.

The two of them would frequently book duo modeling gigs.

THAT IS, until they had a huge feud over their friendship with Jeffree Star (spoiler alert: Audrey was playing both of them) and suddenly were mortal enemies.

“This whole album was written at my house where she and I live and it reflects very much the lifestyle I was living [while writing it], which is so different from who I used to be,” Brendon explains. Brendon admits that he gets more comfortable and candid with his songwriting with each album, and the new album is full of stories that are all “confessional.” For him, the concept of “ I never thought I was able to let go of the past,” he shares candidly. I mean, there's so many things that are involved, it’s just been a smorgasbord of craziness for 10 years…

(You can also watch the interview in the player above.) “This is just a signal of a new era where I’m finding myself as a producer and as a songwriter,” he continues, “and just figuring out how to come into my own still, which is really exciting.” VIDEO: Carly Rae Jepsen Reacts To Those Taylor Swift Comparisons Brendon is the only member of Panic! Ryan Ross and bassist Jon Walker cut ties with Panic! and that was really talking about me as a single guy -- and now I’m married.” “It’s just really cool to look back and be like, ‘wow, that’s so weird,'" he adds. it’s kind of a throwback to it.” VIDEO: One Direction's 'Perfect' New Single Is Obviously About Taylor Swift -- See The Proof!

A.” VIDEO: Go Behind-The-Scenes of All Time Low’s ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ Music Video As for the overall inspiration of the album?

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“And at the time I didn’t have an album in mind, [nor] this full vision for an album.The band’s fifth album is an explosive, colourful rock album, shot through with not a little dancefloor energy.