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She is mute and unresisting as he takes her into the hut and sleeps with her, but she stays separate from him in her mind, receiving no pleasure from the sex.They leave each other, and Mellors--now torn from his solitude--muses about the importance of desire and tenderness, and the evils of the mechanized industrial world.

The sex tends more towards the tasteful and tender, rather than the improbably athletic, but you've got to admire how gender was an irrelevancy to Virginia Woolf and co.

Except, while I’m very much for egalitarianism, I can’t help thinking that Connie and Oliver are going to have a difficult life.

For one thing, she’s going to expect a certain standard of living that he can’t provide based on his work experience as a miner, soldier, and gamekeeper.

Ken Russell previously directed an adaptation of the novel starring Joely Richardson and Sean Bean in 1993.

The one-off drama is due to air on BBC One in September.

Constance blooms through her lovemaking with Parkin, and she finds his simple, rustic individualism is more to her taste than the life her husband has given her.