1st birthday dating gift ideas

30-Jun-2017 01:48

source Print something anniversary-ish onto cotton fabric and display it in a frame.

source Give your love muffin a wedding photo printed on canvas.

You can order new designs of cakes, make arrangements according to your friends taste to make your friend surprised and happy.

The best language to use in birthday invitations is informal and simple language. Take a look at these samples of birthday invitation wordings.

Apparently, cotton was chosen because by the time a couple reaches their second anniversary, they are more comfortable with each other. So I thought I’d share some cotton themed, second anniversary gift ideas with you. Take a map and stitch a heart around where you live, where you married, where you met, or whatever.

You could also stitch a little house around where your first home is located.

I can find hundreds of gift idea/tutorials for the women in my life; older women, my mama-woman, little women, all of them!

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But to find something good for men, now there’s a different story! If so you will be SO GLAD that you checked our blog today!You can take ideas from these designs to get a unique design for friend and family member’s birthdays.