Does sm entertainment allow dating

11-Aug-2016 02:14

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SM Entertainment welcomed the new year of 2014 with confirmation that she was dating popular acting idol Lee Seung Gi.

The relationship between Yoon A and Lee Seung Gi has been one of most positively received in Korean entertainment, with fans of both artists openly supporting their projects.

There has been a lot of coverage over the past few years regarding these contracts, especially those dubbed as so-called ‘slave contracts’ – where the star is signed to the company for a number of years – some reaching as high as 13 like Yoona from Girls’ Generation.

But is the situation, and are the circumstances, as black and white as the physical contracts themselves?

But if you’re a fan of K-Pop, you may know less about the companies, Media Asia and Fubon Group.

Kyuhyun said, "This is because Lee Yeon Hee is not dating," to which she replied informally, "How do you know? It's better to reveal their relationships, but that would mean there's no need to take talentless artists only bcuz of their looks anymore.. I think she would have wanted to continue the relationship if SM didn't stop her though.

Bcuz these hopeless k-fans buy their music only because they have crushes on them but when they find out they are dating their hopes die and also the sales of crappy music that SM produces! It's a pity, cos you really don't need anyone's opinion when it comes to a relationship.

In order to try to get to the bottom of this there are a few things that have to be understood.

The first is that very few of us are personally involved in this situation – we are spectators in this debate.Or has there been extreme attention to one side or the other?

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