David wygant secrets of online dating

02-Nov-2016 01:29

Finally we discuss how to build a relationship roadmap, empowered by his books and tapes that will allow a woman to create a passionate relationship with the man of their dreams!

Please check out what David Wygant has to offer on his website – articles and videos, personal coaching, trainings – there’s a lot of useful advice there. What advice would you give other women who are looking for the man of their dreams?

Put reasons #1 and #2 together, and it’s no wonder that women are having such a hard time connecting with men these days.

Dating coach, David Wygant is my fabulous guest for this edition of the Sixty and Me Show. Then be confident in your beauty and unique character and embrace every situation as a possible opportunity to spark a loving relationship.

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David Wygant - Some men have absolutely NO sense of etiquette when they’re trying to contact women online.

These are, in my honest opinion, the only resources you should invest in if you are looking to meet and date women online.