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What wrong with: Describe your best boy/girlfriend?A man or woman can have either a boyfriend or a girlfriend, and sometimes both.Turns out, the app is actually pretty handy for anyone learning a language. Plus – you might make a few new friends along the way!I discovered that Tinder can be used to learn languages by accident.Shortly after downloading the Tandem app I’m trying to explain the finer points of using the English auxiliary verb ‘will’ in a messaging chat with Juan, 35, from the Dominican Republic.I’ve already explained that the proliferation of Spanish past tenses aren’t easy for a native English speaker to grapple with.

Companion is genderless, but it lacks the sexual, romantic connotations that the former have, and it can mean a travel companion as well as a partner.I was swiping away in London, when I “matched” with a spunky (that’s Australian for handsome) boy from Prague.He was fluent in languages – Czech, German and English.Find a partner at the online community and practice your second language (any language) with a native speaker who is learning your language.

We host your online practice with lesson plans, text chat rooms and more.

The point of the platform is to connect and match strangers so they can practice whatever language/s they each want to learn, with the app showing native speakers learners of their own language — so you can both help and be helped.