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Usually, it starts around age 14, but sometimes even younger, and it can last years.This is not a problem that will likely go away on its own.Teens use many different items to cut (e.g., razor blades, scissors, pens, bottle tops, etc.), and it occurs in a variety of body locations (e.g., arms, legs, genital area, abdomen, etc.). Young people of all ethnicities, ages, and income levels intentionally harm themselves.Cutting is most common among adolescent, Caucasian females who come from intact, middle- to upper-class families.This makes them an important part of personal protective equipment in industry, retail/logistics, trade etc.

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The safety techniques built into MARTOR safety knives include the hidden blade (SECUMAX = highest work protection), the fully automatic blade retraction (SECUPRO = very high work protection) and the automatic blade retraction (SECUNORM = high work protection).At the same time the constant simplification of the replacement of the blade and the handy ergonomics of the knife handle also contribute to an increase in workplace safety but also work efficiency.In order to ensure safe storage and safe transport of the safety knives and safety scissors, the utility knives and the special knives, we also recommend the three new BELT HOLSTERS by MARTOR.Examples of self-harm include cutting the skin with objects, scratching the skin, picking wounds so they can’t heal, biting or burning oneself, and more harmful instances that include hitting one’s head or breaking bones.

Of the many types of self-harm, cutting is the most common.MARTOR KG from Solingen is the leading international manufacturer and provider of high quality safety knives and safety scissors for more cutting safety.