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15-Jul-2017 22:19

Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Culture / Tips On Dating A Nigerian Man (22630 Views) Nigerian Man Turns Woman: Mr Dapo Adaralegbe, Now Miss Stephanie Adaralegbe / Can A Nigerian Man Be Happy With An English Wife? Men will deceive you to get the honey-pot, whether they are from Lagos or Durban(SA).# If you don’t like slimy food, [email protected]: It seems that some posters are taking issue with your list. Its as glaring as light that she didn't cpmpose the write-up herself.please a good sense of humour wouldn't be inappropriate at this point . regardless of the "indirect insults"@angelheart, i could vouch you just didn't come all the way to nairaland to throw insults at nigerian men, or did you dear??/ Dating A Nigerian Guy In China (1) (2) (3) (4) When dealing with Nigerian men, remember these tips girls:# Don’t marry any man unless you have known him for at least four years, Nigerian or not.# Use a condom even after your first test. # Don’t marry him if you don’t like pepper.# If you think the pidgin English is bad for the kids, make him stop at once. # The whole big joystick thing is always relative, but ladies, it’s true – so arm yourselves.# Like any other man, if you don’t feel like cooking like you own a catering business, don’t. I must confess that I, myself, don't understand some of the points you're making. This sounds like what you hear from a dejected woman.And this is most apt when it comes to Nigerian women who are dating/married to Nigerian men.They really do not appreciate just how good they have it.Last what I love the most is whatever he says he’s going to do he does it. He does not say I love you often, but he greets me with a kiss every time I see him and he does show affection so I am ok with that.

And don't forget that Nigerian men are the best in the whole world!

I know that he works and what he does, but I don’t know where it is located.

His mother lives with him right now and he has shared with me that his mother wants him to marry and African woman because his brother married a Jamaican woman and since his parents were in Nigeria at that time they had no say on it.

As for the driving, I let him drive my car all the time,no problem with that.

But i wanted to ask,what is that made most of you angry?Let’s just face this fact: the typical Nigerian man is very egoistic. READ ALSO: 5 Things That Ruin Perfect Relationship4. When a Nigerian guy introduces you to his family, there is no way out. You don't need to burst into kisses, but try to be cordial.5. Some of them may not be too religious, but they think their woman should preferably be.

These both are in very good shape, and I think somewhat hard to find.… continue reading »

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