Reasons for dating a swimmer

05-Feb-2017 03:40

We are used to being half naked We start fast and finish strong, not to mention we go on command Getting wet in the morning isn’t anyt hing new. We aren’t afraid of pain, we give it everything we got. We listen to advice on improving our stroke/technique. We start different ways, but most of us start by bending over and wait for the signal to go.

We do it all the time We always finish strong, no matter what, and we never stop in the middle. We can do it anytime, any condition- even if it’s a bit early, or a bit cold.

They will also be eating 6 meals of carbs and protein a day, so forget about fine dining and bring on the burgers for your romantic dinner date.

It’s hard to escape dating a swimmer when your primary interests include swimming, swimming, and more swimming.

But then again, there are the early bedtimes for am swim practices, the growing out of hair on the female side between meets, and they smell like chlorine all the time.

If you can get past those things, here are 7 reasons you should consider dating a competitive swimmer.

Whether this comes down to her out eating you, destroying you at your favorite video game, rooting for her favorite team, or simply dusting you in the pool, prepare to step your game up around your little swimmer crush. When she goes from sweats to dress it’ll floor you, so be prepared.

And as such she needs to fuel those muscles, and in turn, this means repeated trips to the buffet line, Costco, and the bulk discount bins at the closest grocery stores. It includes a ten month log book, comprehensive goal setting section, monthly evaluations to be filled out with your coach, and more.

They are in great shape, they aren't afraid to get naked, and they look great in a swim suit.

“Oh, I could do that if I wanted.” You are playing with a basket full of fire by saying something along the lines of, “Swimming is not a sport.” Appreciate the grind of what she does, and you are halfway there.

The fastest way to the doghouse is to downplay the difficulty and challenges of the sport. The self-assurance and confidence that comes from being a self-motivated athlete is the most attractive thing a woman can bring to the table.

They will go toe to toe with you when it comes to food.

Swimmers are renowned for their appetite, with Michael Phelps' diet gaining legendary (and ultimately mythical) status prior to Beijing when it was reported that he was crushing 12,000 calories per day.How many other couples can claim that amount of indulgence with their partner?