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16-Jun-2017 20:05

The quick solution was to touch all suspicious looking solder joints with a hot iron and reflow them.

I do that once a year and have had no problems since.

I appreciate all of our Billm Audio friends and family who have stuck with us through this difficult time and, after a period of mourning, will be carrying on his legacy through the continued administration and growth of Billm Audio.

I’d like to thank all of you who exhibited great patience and provided us will kind words, thoughts and prayers throughout: Thank You, it’s meant the world to us.

This bushing slides over the pot shaft before the knob is installed, and stabilizes the shaft as well as keeping the knob from rubbing the front faceplate. Used as the 'Fat' switch push switch in the Blues Junior. Has slight "raised" bump near the center of the handle. 6.5 inches from mounting center to mounting center. Chrome end hooks - replacement for vintage and modern Fender amps. Fits the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, Hot Rod Deville, Blues Deluxe, Blues Junior and Blues Deville, 59 Bassman reissue, as well as the original Tweed amps from the 1950s: Tweed Vibrolux, Tweed Twin, Tweed Tremolux, Tweed Super, Tweed Pro, Tweed Princeton, Tweed Harvard, Tweed Deluxe, Tweed Champ, and Tweed Bassman. Fits the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, Hot Rod Deville, Blues Deluxe, Blues Junior, Pro Junior, and Blues Deville, 59 Bassman reissue. This set of four bronze screws connects the speaker baffle board to the cabinet on Fender tweed combo amps from the 50s, as well as today's reissue tweed amps such as the Hot Rod Deluxe and 59 Bassman Reissue. For amps which require additional baffle screws, see the individual screw/nut part number SC-415, below.

The tapered end of the bushing fits into the hole in the faceplate. JACK NUT AND WASHER, METAL, SWITCHCRAFT Genuine Switchcraft nut and washer set for the blackface/silverface Fender bias pot, Mesa Boogie pots, and the CTS or Alpha pots with 3/8" bushing (found on original vintage Fender blackface and silverface), as well as Peavey and Switchcraft 1/4" jacks. SWITCH, TOGGLE - MADE BY CARLING - RATED AT 15A, 125VAC. Comes complete with two nickel-plated handle mounts and four screws with T-nuts. Black amplifier handle with vinyl sleeve over steel strap and one-screw mounting nickel-plated end caps. SPEAKER BAFFLE MOUNTING BRONZE SCREW AND STAINLESS STEEL KEPS NUT FOR Fender TWEED AMPS.

Here's what I did to mine to make it 'better': - replaced the stock speaker with a Jensen Neo 12-100 - replaced V1 tube with a 12AY7 (that pretty much solved the volume-issue and the bass-heavyness - reflowed all solder joints - replaced input jacks - placed tilt back legs on it - most don't like the drive channel (I think it's ok as long as you keep gain settings low) If you don't want to solder: buy the reissue!

Don't be put off by the Made in Mexico instead of made in USA. ) The seller is asking 0 as he is trying to present it as a "Vintage" amp.

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I had the Blues Deluxe This was the same 40w tube amp based on the Bassman but with a single speaker as opposed to the Deville's 10 x 4. Of all the guitars and gear that I sold the past half century, letting go of that amp is the one I really regret. Mine suffered indeed from these issues, but I solved them.

Here’s to you guys and to a fresh start with our continuing commitment to quality tone here at Billm Audio!

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