Cody longo and brittany underwood dating in real life

18-Jan-2017 22:46

The talented actress added that people are often surprised to learn about her Latin roots.

"My dad is of English descent so, nobody ever assumes I'm Latina. Read on to find out what else Brittany had to say about her Latin roots, why she thinks everyone should teach their kids a second language, and why everyone should check out her new show "Hollywood Heights," which airs weekdays at 9 EST/8 CST on Nick at Nite. Back in Jersey, there's this town called Dover, that has a whole bunch of amazing Colombian restaurants. ” I think people should watch "Hollywood Heights" because there's something in it for everyone.

Loren's down to earth and low-key personality is everything that her soon-to-be world of fame is not!

She's very shy at first, but becomes more confident as time goes on. She is a good friend and daughter, even willing to get over the fact that her mother is dating her enemy's father.

Tell us about your character on "Hollywood Heights! She loves to sing and write songs, but she's scared to show her talent because of her fear of rejection. I still have to find a good one out here in LA...suggestions? It has some juicy secrets and twists and turns that keep you tuning in every night.

We know you're half-Colombian, but do you speak Spanish? There are great original songs that Cody Longo and myself got to record, and so far people are loving it.

As Loren is increasingly dazzled by (and welcomed into) Eddie's celebrity world, he is realizing how unhappy he is, trapped in a machine of his own making and at the mercy of his many fans and demanding manager Jake (Brandon Bell).

Meanwhile, Loren and Melissa navigate the intrigues of high school life and mean girl Adriana (Hunter King); Melissa's brother Phil (Robert Adamson) gets mixed up with the wrong people; Eddie's father, 1980s musician Max Duran (Carlos Ponce), hopes to end his son's relationship with the duplicitous climber Chloe (Melissa Ordway), who is cheating on Eddie with the ambitious Tyler (Justin Wilczynski).

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The first season of the 80-episode series, co-produced with Televisa in association with Sony Pictures Television, will air weeknights at 9p.m. ” the emerging actress shared with her fans on Twitter just before wrapping.