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24-Nov-2016 12:23

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No rules, just an understanding that we don't have any exes on our facebooks, as we only want to involve people in our lives who honestly want the best for both of us. Lol wow yes haha Iam not allowed to talk to anyone even I they are my longtime friend because it counts as flirting even if she denies it it's true I can't talk to anyone that is not her he'll I can't even post pictures bc shell get Mad lol OK DISLIKE grrrr for one IDC about all that but when you start getting texts emails etc (not saying this happend recently) and VOXER for one WTF telling MY GIRL good night sweet dreams UMM NO no couple will EVER be ok with that your tripping!!!!

Outside was Formation F-1071, a familiar star nursery for ships traveling back and forth between Earth and Zemlya.