Spotify feed not updating

17-Nov-2016 03:40

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Today we’re launching a desktop update that brings several new features and improvements to one of our most important platforms – one that millions of music lovers continue to enjoy every day.With our latest app integration we’re making lyrics a seamless part of the Spotify experience on desktop.For those with standalone Spotify accounts, there are still incentives and prompts to tie your account to Facebook.

From the looks of things, Spotify might have one in Discover Weekly, which is only two months old.

This is a minor nitpick and overall doesn't detract from the app. We are always on the go around TX or traveling so getting music for me or the family in an instant is hands down the best way to go. A second suggestion that I have is that I have a public playlist that I want to make private but public to a certain person.

Best of all we are always hitting up different lakes on our boat every weekend and we never need to worry about getting our beats wherever we are as you can save you playlist to your phone so even without signal you can bump out to whatever you like.

Rolling out to desktop users from today, our latest update brings several improvements to features across our desktop experience.

“We’re excited to bring an update to one of our key platforms – one that makes the experience smoother and introduces some great features and integrations” says Dave Price, Director of Product at Spotify.Spotify is the best way to listen to music on mobile or tablet. Get inspired with personal recommendations, and readymade playlists for just about everything.