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Many combat soldiers and Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan have experienced multiple exposures to blast shock waves — the waves of compressed air that follow a detonation.

“What’s new about these wars is the insurgents’ use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) as the weapon of choice and the repetitive nature of these blast exposures,” says Peskind.

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But the story made me stop and think about just what constituted “proper treatment” throughout dating.

I think (others might disagree) that ethical issues always come down to being kind or unkind—behaving in ways that are likely to injure others or likely to avoid such injury.

Sexual behavior is not inherently good or evil except that it may hurt someone or not.

What Peskind, UW professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and the UW Friends of Alzheimer’s Research Endowed Professor, was interested in was this: do repeated exposures to shock waves cause long-term physical symptoms?

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There was subjective evidence to indicate they did — the veterans’ own reports.

Twenty-two had difficulty making decisions, 22 had mood swings and 22 had hearing problems. The list goes on, ranging from depression, to difficulty with sleep, to light sensitivity, to aggression.