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16-Jul-2017 21:45

In contrast to some modern beliefs, Russian ladies won’t tie the knot with a random foreigner just to leave their home.They are just like any other women looking for that special someone.We’ll bet any westerner has thought about building a relationship with a Russian girl at least once in a life. Slavic ladies – and Russian in particular – combine many wonderful traits and their beauty is legendary.No wonder guys all around the world are ready to fly to Russia in searches of a potential girlfriend and spouse. This article will tell you about the key 9 reasons you should definitely try dating a beautiful Russian lady.In most cases all you need to do if you want to win a Russian girl is to treat her right.

Since a kiss is so important to Russian women, we made a guide to help you figure out how to kiss them properly. Perhaps it’s better to start with explaining what kinds of kisses are considered normal when you date a Russian girl.

I cannot say that Russian women are over-picky or have any feministic issues.