Updating network infrastructure

17-Oct-2016 08:48

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Because security vulnerabilities are constantly being revealed, staying informed about recent security issues is crucial.

The 'Secunia Advisories' mailing list and RSS feed are an excellent resource for up-to-date security advisories.

This article is directed to IT professionals who are responsible for architecting, implementing, and supporting business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) infrastructure, and who want to leverage Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (ASR) to support and enhance their BCDR services.

This article discusses practical considerations in structuring network at disaster recovery site, be it Azure or another on-premises site.

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Although surveillance has been gradually moving to the IT responsibility, it's easy for networking staff to not pay too much attention to it. It's as though you have lots of people watching Netflix or Youtube all the time.Information Technology Services completed work in the Interdisciplinary Science Building (ISB), to update the campus fiber optic distribution infrastructure during winter break 2015.Redundant fiber optic paths were created to help insure that campus systems will remain operational in the event of physical damage to the network infrastructure.The purpose of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) is to restore failed components so the organization can quickly resume normal operations.

Developing disaster recovery strategies to deal with unlikely, devastating events is very challenging.This is due to the inherent difficulty of predicting the future, particularly as it relates to improbable events, and the high cost to provide adequate measures of protection against far-reaching catastrophes.