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Angeblich wohnen heute noch knapp über 13.000 Menschen dort, angelegt war sie für Millionen.

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C., The Manuscripts of Ariosto's Comedies and their Relation to the printed Editions 257 Campbell, Killis, Gleanings in the Bibliography of Poe 267 Handschin, Charles H., Gottfried Keller and the Problem of Tragedy 273 Hodges, John C., Two Otherworld Stories 280 Adams, Elizabeth D., A Fragment of a Lord Mayor's Pageant 285 -Wood, Francis A., Etymological Notes 290 Chew, Samuel C., An English Precursor of Rousseau 321 Thomas, Catherine B. H., William Cullen Bryants Beziehungen zur deutschen Dichtung 344 Parry, John J., A new Version of Randolph's Aristippus 351 Carnoy, Albert J., On the French Bois and Bachelier 385 Burkhard, Oscar, The Novelas Exemplares of Cervantes in Germany 401 Haupt, Paul, The Retained Object 405 Sehrt, Edward H., The Forms of ddn in Old High German 409 Brown, Margery L., The Hous of Fame and the Corbaccio 411 iii iv CONTENTS PAGE Collitz, Hermann, Zu den mhd. [Henry Wood.} 109 Harry Kurz, European Characters in French Drama of the Eighteenth Century. That there was cultural exchange in ways not yet investigated at all we may be sure: The solution of all such problems we shall have to leave to the Anglicist-Celticist. Lyttelton takes up the story at this point ; Selim writes : 12 Unequal as I am to the imitation of so excellent an author, I have a mind, in a continuation of that story, to shew thee by what steps, and through what changes, the original good of society is over- turned, and mankind become wickeder and more miserable in a state of government, than they were when left in a state of nature. The general then advised that the war be carried into the enemies' country, and in spite of the warnings of the older Troglodytes this re- vengeful invasion was successfully accomplished. The editor of the English collection of Hauptmann's dramas has had good reason for omitting Florian Geyer, which has 372 MODERN LANGUAGE NOTES proved to be a failure dramatically.

kurzen Praterita ( Fortsetzung ) 449 Hill, Raymond Thompson, Old French espoit 458 Fischer, Walther, Note on Bulwer-Lytton's Translation of Schiller's Fantasie an Laura 461 Smith, M. These questions will be settled only by those scholars who have the view- point of the specialist in Old English and also of the specialist in Old Irish language and tradition. 10 It is noteworthy that Montesquieu makes no attempt to explain how the idea of choosing a king came to the Troglodytes. By this their leader was so exalted in the estimation of the Troglodytes that they made him their king. Lyttelton's words are: "Their morals being corrupted, their religion could not long continue pure: superstition found means to introduce itself, and compleated their depravation." Note that he does not account for the origin of superstition. It is more a fragment of dramatised history than a historical drama. 2/y MODERN LANGUAGE NOTES EDITED BY JAMES WILSON BRIGHT, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MURRAY PEA-BODY BRUSH GUSTAV GRUENBAUM WILLIAM KURRELMEYER JAMES EUSTACE SHAW VOLUME XXXII 1917 THE JOHNS HOPKINS PRESS BALTIMORE PB I/, 3 2- TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE Jones, Gwen Ann, A Play of Judith 1 Fiona, George T., Alliteration and Variation in Old Germanic Name- Giving 7 Gray, Henry David, Shakespeare's Last Sonnets 17 Smart, Walter K., Mankind and the Mumming Plays 21 1 Love joy, A. Where such contact takes place the seeds of change have already been sown. In your present state, without any ruler, you have to be virtuous in spite of yourselves; else you could not live as you do and would fall back into the miser- ies of your forefathers. to xiv." This indicates that, besides his knowledge of the original work, Lyttelton had before him an English translation. It is on the whole the arrangement used by Hauptmann in the first collected edition of his works.

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