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26-Aug-2016 14:56

Then the developer stars breaking the head to identify what’s the issue with the tool/plugin which caused the issue.Let me tell you that, this is not due to the installation of new plugin but with the older plugin that you just uninstalled or expired. As most of us are already familiar with the intellisense menu inside Visual Studio to speed up the work, this definitely creates problem writing code. To bring back the Visual Studio Intellisense, just follow the below simple steps: That’s all! I fix it, and press F7 to re-compile, the compilation result is successful. Close your VS solution, delete the file, and re-open and re-compile the solution to generate it again.

It makes you annoyed to think what is the root cause here.We addressed this issue in Update 3 RC, reached out to customers who had reported this issue, and received positive confirmation on the fix.In Update 3 you will see many such fixes addressing customer feedback around performance and stability.I hope that this small post will help you when you face this issue.

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I was running the latest version of Visual Studio 2013 and ran into the intellisense not automatically popping up when I would type a period.We also all notice that Visual Studio grows to consume large amounts of memory and locks up to a (Not Responding) message on a semi-regular basis.