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It has remained a guarded mystery by traditional knowledge keepers and African shaman for thousands of years.

But in 2003 everything changed with the accidental and serendipitous discovery of an ancient stone calendar that caused a chain reaction of events, which led us to decoding one of the greatest missing pieces regarding our human origins and the activity of the Anunnaki on planet Earth.

This enlightened and enlightening book shows us how - and indeed, that 'God is in the details.' A must for every library and every concerned citizen" (Hazel Henderson, author of "Building a Win-Win World and Beyond Globalization: Shaping a Sustainable Global Economy") A groundbreaking, passionately-argued and visionary call to arms.

'There's an alternative responsible future persuasively offered by Braungart and Mc Donough.

Please welcome for September 2013 Author of the Month Michael Tellinger, whose new book African Temples of the Anunnaki -The Lost Technologies of the Gold Mines of Enki, provides Archaeological proof of the advanced civilization on the southern tip of Africa that preceded Sumer and Egypt by 200,000 years.

The evidence also shows how these 200,000-year-old sites perfectly match Sumerian descriptions of the gold mining operations of the Anunnaki and the city of Enki.

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", gathering works of art portraying cafes and bars over the ages.

It was here, at the Sterkfontein Caves in 1947, that scientist Robert Broom found a hominin fossil skull that he named Mrs Ples, dating from about 2.8- to 2.6 million years ago.