Buddhism and dating

25-May-2017 12:55

After 25 years of meditation practice and related study of Buddhism (including three years in an advanced practice group), I had an epiphany recently that there are just a few salient principles that are the most important to study.This summary is simply my point-of-view interpretations based on practice and study, an ongoing work in progress, an opinion without attachment, as opposed to an opinion based on belief.In 1872, the Meiji government decreed that Buddhist monks and priests (but not nuns) should be free to marry if they chose to do so.Soon "temple families" became commonplace (they had existed before the decree, actually, but people pretended not to notice) and the administration of temples and monasteries often became family businesses, handed down from fathers to sons.The dates proposed by a group of experts who attended goes from 486 BCE to 261 BCE for the decease of the Buddha.The sequence of events in these centuries is somehow obscure and complex, which is why dating the Buddha’s life is not so simple.Neuroscience studies have also shown that it affects the structure of the brain and thus provides a way to “re-condition” ourselves to overcome negative habits that are part of lifelong conditioning.Mindfulness practices are sometimes called a secular form of Buddhism. However, the teachings of Buddhism (the dharma) are not religious in the Western sense of the word.

Visiting historical sites (the older the better), galleries, other places of interest.

There are still areas in which there is no agreement among scholars and these include disputes over translations of different key doctrinal terms, reliability of different sources, even the date in which the Buddha was born and died is uncertain.

As research increases and becomes more specific in different areas, we come across the paradox of scholars knowing more and more about less and less.

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The reality is that there is not a unanimously accepted date for the historical Buddha’s life amongst scholars.