Who is chink santana dating

16-Jan-2017 21:31

Rich says fine as long as he can exploit her in kind to promote his sorry ass liquor, which shall remain nameless here from now on. — seems this show takes place anywhere but Manhattan which is the only part of New York that matters — Chrissy is dressed up in leopard with a neckline down to her belly, showing her ta-tas which is a no-no when they sag-sag. Cyn has a great idea about writing a song for her brother who committed suicide, and she says this like she’s relating how she’s gonna do the laundry by separating the whites from the colors. She’s really, really, really not emotional about it. Of course it’s Love & Hip Hop, so it’s only a matter of time before Diamond learns that Cisco has been cheating on her and she may have moved across the country for nothing.A similar storyline also goes down between music producer Chink Santana, and his girlfriend Chrissy Crastanda, who owns a modeling agency.Chrissy, visibly upset, responds by disregarding his family’s feelings about their relationship and tells Chink that they can kiss her ass if that’s how the feel about her without even taking the time to know her.Yandy, who is having turmoil in her own personal life, meets with Tara, who confides in her about wanting to mend the relationship between herself and Amina.

He informs her of his meeting with his cousin, Black, and that they have no interest in meeting her under any circumstances.

According to Love & Hip Hop New York spoilers, the new cast roster includes: Chink Santana, Chrissy Chrastanda, Cisco Rosado, Diamond Strawberry, and Precious Paris.