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In 2011, young 19-year-old Josiah Humphrey and his business partner Mike Mc Donald had ,000 in the bank.

One day, they dressed up, walked into a building in downtown Melbourne, Australia, and signed a lease right there.

Awesome, you think as you message her back: You: [Answer a random question about music first then:] “I’m barely ever on this site, text me on xxxxxxx if you want to chat :)” *BING* As if by magic, you’re i Phone goes off, there’s a text from a random number.

Her: “Hey [your name] its [her name] from Plenty of Fish, send me another picture.” You: [Replying with picture] “Here you go.” Her: “OK, you’re just not my type, too skinny, not buff enough. Bye.” You: “Ha, fair enough, at least you’re honest.” This is the point where you’re meant to feel like you’ve been suddenly stabbed with a little sharp knife (or maybe a rusty screwdriver) right in the chest because you’re not good enough, you’re not attractive, you’re weird and you SUCK! You can think of online dating like a farmers market or a charity date auction.

There are other people out there that have this problem as well.”…Then you might be closer to finding your starving crowd, or (in other words) solving a core problem.

Either you’re building a user base with a high valuation (think Snap, Inc.) or you’re building a company that can eventually sustain itself through cash flow.

Dating is rarely straightforward, and sometimes less so if you have a disability.

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In addition, some of the smartest marketers on the planet today emphasize “research over writing” with their copywriters…and having them in-house, full time, focused on “The One Thing” (great book by the way!The idea that a copywriter is a “gun for hire” and available to all clients is being replaced in some places by copywriters who are much more focused on only a few clients (maybe even just one) and moving from “hired gun” to “keeper of all the ammunition and weapons.”As someone who has spent millions of dollars for copywriting–something I wear like a badge of honor–I think I have a unique perspective on the trends I see…and how we can all take full advantage of the incredible writing talent in our marketing community today.