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That happened in 2008 after teaming with Hong Kong-based Noah’s Ark Ministries International (NAMI). Ararat is the only spot on the earth’s surface that matches the biblical description (Gen. -16) lies broken in 3 sections above 14,000 feet on Mount Ararat. Scattered wreckage indicates that the structure has slid from the top of the mountain along the glacier extending from the south side of the mountain. The top of the mountain is permanently frozen which are excellent conditions for preserving organic artifacts from more than 4000 years ago. Natives whose ancestors lived on and near Mount Ararat report that the structure slid from the saddle of the mountain in the great 1840 earthquake. Wood from the structure carbon dates to about 2800 BC, fitting the biblical era of Noah’s Flood according to chronology in Genesis 5. Pottery found in the structure dates to the Early Bronze Age which fits the biblical date for Noah’s Flood (Gen. But Ahmet had yet to access the interior of the famous ship."The further we move in time from the beginnings, the more unrestrained becomes the application to Jesus of what is recounted about the birth and infancy of sons of gods and children of supernatural origin....The formation of the canon, which took place about the middle of the 2nd century, was able to check only to a slight degree the legendary accretions which grew up around the childhood of Jesus, ..."We see from this verse that not only was God going to teach Jesus the Torah that existed in Jesus' time, but that Jesus came to "confirm the Torah", and to "make lawful to you some of the things they were forbidden"."I will show mercy to those that keep from evil and give alms, and to those that in our signs believe; to those that shall follow the Apostle - the Unlettered Prophet - whom they shall find described in the Torah and the Gospel."Campbell's book lists quite a number of them, but the few I've quoted are enough to show that the Quran proves that there were the Torah and Gospel with the "People of the Book", and that these people were in communication with Muhammad. Part of the structure is found at 15,000 feet in the permanent snow cap, far above the treeline and too high to construct the structure that has been found there. Hosting visitors from every nation, Turkey’s famous explorer speaks fluent Turkish, Kurdish, English, Farsi, and has a moderate proficiency in French, German, and Russian. Son of the superintendent of this famous palace situated just south of Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey, love of his exotic land and acquainting visitors with local culture runs in Ahmet’s blood.Furthermore, God—as person—had revealed in a particular encounter the pattern and structure of communal and individual life to this people.Claiming sovereignty over the people because of his continuing action in history on their behalf, he had established a History, moreover, disclosed not only God’s purpose but also humankind’s inability to live in accord with it.

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The people of Israel believed that their response to the divine presence in history was central not only for themselves but for all humankind.Even the chosen community failed in its obligation and had to be summoned back, time and again, to its responsibility by the prophets—the divinely called spokespersons who warned of retribution within history and argued and reargued the case for affirmative human response.