Noisy intimidating neighbours

07-Oct-2016 01:39

You could compare this to a CV that’s completed when you’re trying to get another job.

This is vital if matters get worse and will give you some proof of events.

Statutory nuisance could be caused by: By law, a landlord is expected to keep a property in good working order so that issues caused by a property being in bad condition, such as structural and exterior problems, are avoided.

For more information, see the page on tenants' and landlords' repairing obligations.

For the property line fanatic, walk the property line together to determine what belongs to whom; consider having the property surveyed to nip the problem in the bud.

The effort to make them "disgorge" is as continual as it is noisy, and, as a rule, futile.

Never was I in such a noisy, roystering, singing, lounging place.You can join the forum community to ask for more help and information – it’s very busy and has a lot of good information, we currently have thousands of registered members.Click here to view the forum If there is anything you want to discuss then please post a message on the NFHi B Forum Community.It is a criminal offence for people to cause noise and nuisance which results in people being unable to relax and enjoy their home and community life.

Tenancy agreements set out the terms of the tenancy, which would include tenants agreeing not to make unnecessary noise or nuisance that may result in stress being caused to neighbouring residents.Find out what support you can get if you’re the victim of crime.

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