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29-Aug-2016 10:11

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The team behind Sneek is very experienced in building highly scalable infrastructures.

We're daily Sneek users ourselves, so we want the best performance we can achieve and promise you'll be impressed with the call quality and application performance. There's no credit card required and no downgrade messing, after 30 days you'll automatically be switched to the free plan.

Click on "chat with me" on any profile, see their live video, hear their voice, of people in your area, to anywhere in the world!

Looking to offer live conversations alongside your streaming project?

Tagove offers instant file sharing through chat windows, with peer-to-peer encryption and secure cloud storage enabling sensitive documents to be shared and accessed from any web-enabled device.

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This of course, is assuming you aren't on dial up or in a hipster coffee shop sharing a 2mb connection with 40 other bearded men. If you love us, and we think you will, just add your payment details at any time to keep using Pro.

Free live video chat without sing up credit card require-71

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Below are some of the best text based chat solutions to place alongside your player.Tagove’s one-way and two-way video calling options give customers a choice of whether or not they wish to be visible to a support agent, while still able to see the agent and maintain two-way audio.Users and customers can also share screens over a video call, with the ability to highlight areas to direct customers or be shown where the issue is.Like Da Cast, these feature easy to use, do it yourself interfaces that you can integrate on your site, are free, and easy to embed: Chat Winghttps://Incredibly easy to setup and embed, Chat Wing also offers administration features (remove unwanted chatters) and is easy to customize.

Like a lot of chats, you can have user based “avatar” images to represent you as well.

One of their differentiates is the ability to pop out the chat into its own window, which might be useful depending on your video application, while the service has very little branding.