Updating two tables at once

02-Oct-2016 11:55

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Cross table update (also known as correlated update, or multiple table update) in Oracle uses non-standard SQL syntax format (non ANSI standard) to update rows in another table. Update data in table A based on two or more common columns in table B.The differences in syntax are quite dramatic compared to other database systems like MS SQL Server or My SQL. Updates based on two or more common columns are normally used for tables where multiple columns work together as a primary key (known as composite primary key).Is it really worth doing all that to avoid writing two statements?UPDATE Table_One a INNER JOIN Table_Two b ON (a.userid = b.userid) SET = 1, a.streak = a.streak 1, a.score = a.score 200, = 1, b.streak = b.streak 1, b.score = b.score 200 WHERE a.userid = 1 AND = 1 AND b.userid = 1 UPDATE Table_One T1, Table_Two T2 SET T1= T11, T1.streak = T1.streak 1, T1.score = T1.score 200, T2= T21, T2.streak = T2.streak 1, T2.score = T2.score 200 WHERE T1.userid = 1 AND T1= 1 AND T2.userid = T1.userid; They’re two separate queries and so must be treated as such.So basically, if I was to do this programmatically (or algorithmically) its's something like that: Foreach(var item A in A) If (item A.status = 2) item A.status to 1 item = Get Date() foreach(var item B in B) if(item B. it is not possible to update multiple tables at once. Summary answer from that question: You can't update multiple tables in one statement, however, you can use a transaction to make sure that two UPDATE statements are treated atomically.

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If you choose to participate, the online survey will be presented to you when you leave the Msdn Web site. First table ("names") Well, there is an immediate advantage in performing just a single SQL query instead of two, and I believe it is quite clear: the server will have a lighter work load.At the same time, we will have a full control on the performed operation, which will be faster and easier to maintain. You can then update the View which will then update the underlying tables.

REF_NAME = @REF_NAME from table2 B inner join table1 A on B. So don't use END, this not a even question of good or bad practice, you might close the block you're in and find unexpected output But you are trying to affect multiple tables with an update statement that joins on multiple tables. However, updating two tables in one statement is actually possible but will need to create a View using a UNION that contains both the tables you want to update.In this article, we are going to look at four scenarios for Oracle cross table update. Category_ID) where exists ( select * from Categories b where b. These columns uniquely identify a record in a table.

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