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29, 2005, with the performer speaking under oath in a sexual assault case brought by Andrea Constand, a former Temple University employee who claimed he drugged and molested her.Excerpts from the deposition went public earlier this month after a judge agreed to unseal the court findings.It was called by a woman named Lynda Madaras; the edition I received looked like the one below at right, the long-skirted mother clutching her young daughter's face in her hands, though that was not something that happened in my experience. Ranging in scope from masturbation to menstruation to breasts to detailed explorations of female anatomy to what's happening with boys to sex and "making babies" and even zits, this book explained so much that no one had told me, stuff that no one was talking about in school, or even out of it, beyond the occasional article in . books, as author and former YALSA President Michael Cart wrote, is to show young people who they are, as reflected on their pages. themes tend to focus on the biggies; this is just one reason they resonate. The category also includes nonfiction, and as such, Lynda Madaras' book is a key tome in that arena. In the canon for 12-year-old me, there were these, books that still resonate with the now-thirtysomething. Judy Blume's quintessential growing-up novel, from which we learned about practice kissing, about being "flat" vs. By the book's end, there's been a near rape, a pregnancy, a proposal, the breaking of that proposal, a missed prom, and an abortion.My family leaned toward jeans, and celebrated with pats on the back, passed books, and utterances of "Oh geez" instead of thowing cupcake parties to usher in puberty. Today's parents may insist on having The Talk, but this book did it for me with fewer cringes than any direct parent-to-kid conversation would have been (as Madaras writes in her intro for parents, "It may work better in your particular situation for you to give the book to your daughter to read on her own"). But this was not the only book that paved the path into womanhood for me and thousands—more than 200,000 copies sold, says the title at right; a 2000 Amazon book description says it's more than 500,000—of other girls. It's also to show them who they're growing up to be. They taught us how to think about death, divorce, bullying, risky behavior, friendships, abuse. being "small-boned," about wearing bras, increasing our busts, liking boys, and, obviously, about getting our periods. Suppose you try them on and see which is most comfortable." She led us to a dressing room with a pink door that locked. Liz, who's had sex and gotten a botched abortion, ends up not graduating with the rest of the class, her life forever altered and her regrets, presumably, to be dealt with for her adult life.At some point in my early tweenhood, my mom ushered me into a room, just the two of us, away from my dad and younger brother, and presented me with a book. I think my mom's words as she handed the thick paperback to me were something along the lines of, "Things are changing. She adjusted the straps and felt the front of me, "How does it feel? Published in 1969, Paul Zindel's book deals with two best friends, Liz and Maggie, who double date with two boys, Sean and Dennis, slowly (or more quickly in the case of the "madly in love" Liz and Sean) venturing down the path toward sexual activity.At that time I was devouring biographies about real women—Clara Barton, Sacajawea, Harriet Beecher Stowe—as well as stories with fictionalized young female protagonists I could relate to but also aspire to become more like, and I looked at the gift eagerly as a new addition in my growing (still growing! You should read this." (She's never been particularly voluble about this sort of thing, a trait that may have been handed down; I still tend to leave the room during movies featuring sex scenes if I happen to be viewing them with my parents.) Her lack of words was fine, though, even preferred, because the book said plenty on its own. (As were the diagrams, wow.) I read the whole thing through more than once, occasionally talking through topics with friends, girls also on the verge of puberty. I picked up the first bra and stuck my arms into the straps. The title of the book alludes to an adult's advice of suggesting a hamburger to a boy who tries to "go all the way;" advice which Maggie takes.Pissed Jeans opened the show with authority, pounding out favorites like “False Jesii pt 2″ while the “moshing” crowd fell victim to the slick sheen of water on the venue floor; I saw my share of slips in mid-mosh.After a crew mopped the floors (seriously), Screaming Females followed with an energetic set that got the crowds back moving, though nothing comparable to what was to come.

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This delved into the "dark" side of sex (as related to drugs and acquiring more drugs).

"I think you’re making light of a very serious situation," she said, with Cosby responding: "That may very well be." The actor, who has been married to Camille Cosby since 1964, discussed the time he spent at his home with Constand, whom he met in the early 2000s.

He described inviting Constand over for a meal, where he served cognac and lit a fire. And I said to her, come in, meaning her body." He said that they were mere inches apart but did not kiss, as he sensed that she did not want to.

Doors to the venue opened at 7PM as the masses in line (the line touched the neighboring They Might Be Giants line down the block) were getting drenched in the downpour.

Those entering were wringing out their shirts in the ultra-humid and wet warehouse.

"I take her hair and I pull it back, and I have her face like this," he said. He added that, the next time they met for dinner, they had a "sexual moment," although he said it did not involve full intercourse.

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