Sex chat in youtube

02-Feb-2017 05:13

To combat this, You Tube has introduced Super Chat, a way for commenters to get more noticed by their favorite content creators by paying to pin comments to the top.

The way Super Chat works is by allowing individual users to pay to promote their comment for a temporary period of time (up to 5 hours).

If they switch over to Facebook to post a funny video, they probably won't come back to You Tube for a while, which is obviously a bad thing for the company.

You Tube's 'native' in-app messenger will make it easier for users to share videos, but it'll also keep them inside the You Tube app and The in-app chat platform is just a test for now, but you might get access to it if one of your friends passes it on to you.

The song (hear it below) is a funk-flavored booty-shaker, full of thick bass runs and a grandiose chorus in line with what we've become accustomed to from Mars.

It's similar to Twitch Cheers, which allows a user to purchase 'bits', which are then used to purchase cheers, affording them more exposure in comments.Amazingly, it totally stuck the landing -- avoiding people and furniture. someone opened the front door and the deer simply ran out, uninjured.

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