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09-Oct-2016 11:52

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I don’t say this to frighten you, but I say this to WARN you of what could happen at any moment.

Tobacco was responsible for more than 100 million deaths worldwide in the 20th Century.[5] The World Health Organisation has estimated that, if current trends continue, tobacco could cause a billion deaths in the 21st Century.[5]6. Mortality in relation to smoking: 40 years’ observations on male British doctors. After these first results came out, UK scientists began a large long-running study of smoking in British doctors, which Cancer Research UK has helped to fund, that has told us a lot about the dangers of smoking [5].

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Check out the free live chats - and when you find your ideal smoker, you can go private with her and direct the action yourself.In the end, using the WRONG method to quit smoking will not only lessen the quality of your already not so good life, but even worse, it will get you even one step closer to the grave as you waste hundreds or even thousands of dollars in MONEY spent along with create MANY new serious health problems.