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30-Jul-2016 06:20

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In this last lesson, we will learn more about working with databases, using and manipulating data-bound controls, and using C# to further enhance working with both databases and data-bound controls.

As part of this lesson, you'll create a program to track your money.

I would have expected that the "getter" for the Rad Label Element.

Text property would have flagged that the controls' layout needed to be refreshed without a separate, explicit call when the status strip's label element's Text property was set to a new value.

Text = " Image File Exif Meta Data By Folder" $main Form.

The previous version included the below Exif tags – Add-Type -Assembly Name System. The Status Strip Items Collection Editor is used to add, remove, and reorder Tool Strip Item controls of a Status Strip and view and set Status Strip and Tool Strip Item properties.