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so one night when we were out, we texted our boss and came clean! ” Soon after they came clean to their boss, AJ surprised Kristen with Broadway tickets to see , which was Kristen’s favorite movie as a kid. She texted him and when she got home and was in for quite a surprise. They had and offered everything we wanted — perfect venue, Shadows next door for the after party, hotel rooms for all of our 246 guests with transportation … ” “Honestly, if you asked us separately, at different times, we would both say the same thing: the first time we saw each other! “He (AJ) was up at the altar, and I was walking down the aisle with my parents. I swore I wouldn’t cry, and I didn’t, I was just smiling from ear to ear.

“That’s when he made it official that we were dating, so if we need a date that we started dating we use January 28, 2012! “I opened the screen door to the house to a Post-It above the lock, with the following: ‘Hey, baby! My smile couldn’t get any bigger when I looked at him, and then I saw his lip quiver.

I looked away from him for a second to kind of regroup and the next person I made eye contact with was my Aunt Pat, who by the way was hysterically crying! Everyone tells me that they were all looking at AJ when I walked down the isle and that makes me happy because his reaction was by far the best ever.

I’m proud of him for not crying but he will always tell me ‘You cut me deep, babe!

The list the Huffington Post gave is pretty general, so I’m going to put my own Hudson Valley Twist on things.

If you’re tired of just going out and grabbing a drink, dinner or coffee here’s a list of 10 Unique Hudson Valley first date ideas.

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Rachel hates to be single around the festive season, and is more willing than usual to have a fling with someone rather than something serious.

Because I live in Dutchess County, I know for a fact that Cafe Aurora in the city of Poughkeepsie has the best hot chocolate.

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