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26-Nov-2016 07:57

Soon I'll be quickening my feet outta here, just waiting for the right time, before the whole island explodes.

A HUMAN skull – thought to date back to Roman times – has been found by workmen in Alderney.

Writers will be split into four age categories for the short-story section (6-8, 9-13, 14-16, and 17 and over) but the flash-fiction category is open to all ages.

There is a maximum word limit of 2,000 for short stories and a limit of 127 words in flash fiction – two more than the maximum of 125 in 2015, which coincided with the JEP’s 125th anniversary.

Uefa’s executive committee rejected the application from Springfield last year on the grounds that Jersey is not recognised as an ‘independent state’ by the United Nations.

THE trial of a man accused of 13 historical sexual offences ­- including three counts of rape - against two young girls started in the Royal Court on Monday. Opening the case Crown Advocate Conrad Yates told the court that Mr Jegou changed his name by deed poll 'between the date of his arrest and the date of this trial'.'You can make what you will of that,' he added.

It was fairly small.’The bones were collected by the team and taken to the island’s police station.