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And your guacamole will not be prepared tableside like it is virtually every place else in the haute Mexican universe.

In the show's reunion episode, the footage was played back to a room full of all the contestants, including an embarrassed Leah and Hosea (who was the season's winner).

ow do you experience the best of the Mediterranean’s most alluring island in a two-week trip?

By following the ultimate itinerary created by our expert Lee Marshall.

And Italian-American celebrity chef Fabio Viviani, 38, from Chicago, has some stern words for those who do add the expensive ingredient to their cooking liquid in a new video.

He says in the clip those who add glugs to boiling pasta should be 'ashamed' of themselves, as it's a waste of good olive oil.

It's a handy trick many of us use at home to stop pasta from sticking together as it cooks in boiling water.

But one top chef says you should never add olive oil to your pasta water - as the trick doesn't actually work.

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Mike Isabella considers himself something of a taco aficionado. “Let me get one more sip of that,” says Isabella, when a passing waitress tries to snatch his virtually empty rocks glass. For instance, the décor at your local Rosa Mexicana or Dos Caminos—or even Oyamel, arguably Washington’s most esteemed cocina—is simply too “damn colorful,” he says.

But there are some things about your typical Mexican restaurant that really irk D. And the music at some of these places, well, don’t even get him started.