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Frequently they generate class shells from a schema, or vice versa.

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Choose [Window]-[Amateras] and check [Disable Preview]. Then you would be able to use HTMLEditor without Mozilla. For a specific task (compare XML files or build a sitemap), consider a more focused tool for that single task.In this article, investigate these categories to find XML tools that fit your needs: An XML sitemap lists all the URLs for a website.(The spec avoids the term 'validation' on the grounds that that term is effectively reserved for DTD-based validation.) Some of these are effectively front ends to engines also available independently; since not all vendors go into detail about whether they have implemented their own validator or licensed one from elsewhere, no attempt has been made to distinguish these cases. the editors and the XQuery and XSLT engines) will also support validation when requested in the relevant context.

There are Web interfaces to at least two validation servers: To be supplied. These are tools for mapping from XML to programming-language data structures or objects, and vice versa; those listed here take schemas into account.

Slick Edit has the most powerful XML features available including a rich set of symbol analysis and navigation features, well formedness checking, XML validation, XML outlining, powerful version control integration, beautifier, beautify while typing, syntax expansion, syntax indenting, Smart Paste, symbol coloring, source diff, and much more.