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It hasn’t helped that the Popes keep visiting the damn thing, keeping alive the belief that it’s genuine.

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It does go easy on religion, saying clearly that the Catholic Church never recognized the Shroud as authentic, but considers it an “object of veneration”: a religious piece that is simply supposed to inspire people to muse about Christ’s Passion.

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It consists of two fragments of a block-printed stole or maniple.

The print has been dated to the 14th century, confirming that this pattern of weave was known then.” Freeman adds that there are cotton fibers mixed haphazardly in with the linen, probably the result of cotton in the air that was being spun or woven nearby and landed on the shroud as it was being produced.So, during the course of a month, certain days are better than others because the action of sun and moon are working together, while in other days they are challenging each other and therefore have less impact on fish willingness to feed.