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Meanwhile, rumours are rife that Ruth is set to wed her famous other half, Theo, who hails from England.The couple looked loved-up when they enjoyed a visit to New York last weekend.But now the talented beauty is busy filming Flaked in LA.The eight-part series was written by Arrested Development star Arnett.K.-based company traces and documents illegally diverted weapons in conflict zones like Iraq, Syria, Somalia, South Sudan, Libya and Yemen. We spend a lot of time out in the field," she said. Anything can happen at any time and it's important to remember that." Hundreds of seized weapons are variants of the AK-47, which Morrow described as highly versatile and easily trafficked. They’re very durable," she said of the high-powered assault rifles."Variants of the AK-47 are very widely used in the Middle East.The discovery of the ISIS machine is credited to the Iraqi Army’s 9th Division, after which Devin Morrow, a technical adviser with Conflict Armament Research, analyzed the machine.Most days Morrow dons a bulletproof vest and ventures to the front line of Iraq's battle against ISIS to inspect the latest spoils of a grinding and bloody war.

In another viral image, Howard shares an intimate photo of her cellulite — an image she admits she was afraid to send out into the world, but one she decided to nonetheless.British model Charli Howard was once body-shamed by agents for being “too big” for the industry.But now, she’s firing back at her critics with a string of inspiring Instagram posts in which she shares how gaining weight has finally helped her reclaim her health and happiness.“Don't get me wrong — my cellulite isn't my favourite part of my body, nor is it something I shout from the rooftops about,” she wrote in the April post, which had garnered nearly 11,000 likes as of Thursday afternoon.

“But I know it doesn't make me any less ugly, or is something I need to feel embarrassed about. ” FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FOX LIFESTYLE NEWS Since changing her perspective on beauty, Howard has helped co-found the All Woman Project, a campaign that aims to inspire body confidence, according to her Instagram profile.In another side-by-side post, Howard offers a poignant message for her followers who have yet to adopt her body philosophy.