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And the reaction of his Protestant commissioners to popular piety, particularly the veneration of relics, was indistinguishable from that of contemporary secularists: yuck, gross!Originally Published: March 2, 2011 I am an avid basketball player. My most recent trip to the basketball court was for a regular Sunday morning pickup game.I was moved, as much by the people around me as by the remains of the saint.There was no noise, no hysteria, just an atmosphere of intense devotion, of focused prayer.Now’s the perfect time for some liquid courage to go approach her, right?Alcohol gives us the confidence to talk to girls and say things we normally wouldn’t while sober.

In my case, that muscle was the medial gastrocnemius; and not a complete rupture, but partial.Tips on travelling, healing, or otherwise generally overcomming being one-legged? Oops.) One day like this and I have an incredibly more astute respect for people who have to deal with not having two legs in working order who live in NYC. Cause I'm one more almost fall away from locking myself in and resigning to washing myself with a rag on a stick when company comes over.You see her across the bar and you feel those damn butterflies in your stomach again.Like anyone who participates in sports, basketball players accept the risk of injury in exchange for the enjoyment of athletic competition. Everything was normal until I went to make a sharp cut toward the basket and felt an even sharper pain in the back of my leg.

I have had my fair share of injuries over the years. Given the physical nature of basketball, my first thought was that someone had kicked me.

At a time when the institutional church in Ireland was in a very bad way, it was a reminder that religion goes deeper than clericalism.

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