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Gentlemen, maybe it’s Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate or Julianna Pena that does it for you.Ladies, you have a much broader range, so use your imagination.Eloquent and well-educated, Sarah told of the euphoric highs and teary lows of being the partner of a professional fighter. I used to delete them whenever they came through as I had no idea what the sport was about and I really had no interest in combat sports at the time.Ahead of Brad’s upcoming April 6 fight with Mike Easton at UFC Fuel TV 9 in Stockholm, Sweden, caught up with the future Mrs. When I met him I knew exactly who he was and thought he'd be perfect for a quick fling.In the UK there has long been a pop-culture obsession with sports stars and their partners.While British WAG (wives and girlfriends) culture is as synonymous with football as feigning injury, the better halves of many mixed martial artists go unnoticed.Pickett to talk parental acceptance, fight-day rituals, and the strains of a relationship with a professional MMA fighter. Next thing I know we’re still together seven years later and getting married.How did your parents respond when they found out you were dating an MMA star?

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Even other celebrities are not immune to this phenomenon, and as you’ll see in this article, over the years there have been a number of high-profile fighters who have dated famous singers, actresses and models.

But that also means she will have a fit, toned body and a healthy lifestyle!