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Or how we like to see it, smart law and intelligent advice.Originally founded by Ross Harris in 1980 before partnering with Alan Tate in 1995, Harris Tate has become one of Tauranga’s most trusted law firms driven by its passion to provide people with smart , intelligent advice with excellent service. With that in mind we like to think we are a good combination of professionalism, approachability, commitment, and energy."So every time we do a tack or a gybe or whatever, I've just been going 'hold on, hold on' and they have." Trimmer Blair Tuke confirmed the concerns over boat fitness, but was philosophical about the possible consequences."You've got to sail the boats to the absolute max and if you don't, you're not going to win," he said.We live and breathe law and believe a good day at the office is when we have achieved a great result for you.Always working with your best interests at heart, through communicating and listening to your goals, we clearly navigate you through the legal system."For me, one of the best days of the whole campagin was that day against Artemis, when we were completely out of range and there was a massive chance we would break those boards on that day."Andy [Maloney] and I managed to get through without doing it - I was super proud of Andy - and what we were able to do that day to get a couple of wins was pretty awesome.

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Read More We could not have picked a better reception venue for our wedding.

"What I can tell you now, as a result of that day, we found some pretty serious structural issues with the daggerboards, because they had been taken so far out of range that they were basically letting go.

"We've lived with this now since that day or since we found it, and they've been tested every night with ultrasound - the guy's been basically living here, doing it every night - and it has been growing.

In the rapidly changing world of law, it pays to be just this.

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Harris Tate is one of Tauranga’s most trusted and experienced law firms.You can rely on our friendly team to provide the very best expertise.