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Also, goals coupled with consistent behavior were expected to be associated with greater satisfaction in each domain.

Age, gender, same-sex versus other-sex attraction, and cohabitation were also examined.

Gadget guru Adam Tuner embraces the way of the road warrior, hitting the open highway in search of all things mobile. Discuss the best and worst movies showing now and remember the movie moments you love or love to hate.

Tragically misinterpreting the term home-cinema, Giles Hardie moved to a multiplex as a child.

Something we see all the time is family businesses that are dysfunctional and struggling.

There are several reasons for this, but they pretty much all boil down to a few key problems: 1.

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, answered these questions at a recent Australian Women in New York event at Interface in Chelsea.Goal × Behavior interactions were associated with satisfaction in the domains of intimacy and sex, and identity was the most salient dating goal domain.Individual differences in goals, behavior and satisfaction were most pronounced for gender and cohabitation.In our new blog, they talk about their experiences as mothers and invite you to share your own thoughts. Australians now spend more money on shooters and sims than hip hop and punk rock.

Debate the latest news and trends in interactive entertainment with veteran games writer Jason Hill. Mobiles phones, MP3 players, notebooks, GPS, if you can carry it, we’ll buy it.Another example would be how curly the tentacles get," Dragulescu said.