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When I first came back to Thailand after graduating from the GSD, the “framework” through which I viewed architecture was derived from my Western-centric architectural education.However, the more I tried to design through these preconceived narratives, the more I (and my work) suffered.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed deep disappointment last week with the slant and conclusions of a report on human trafficking in Thailand’s fishing industry, issued by the Environmental Justice Foundation, a UK-based nongovernmental organization.The report Broken Promises: Why Thailand should stay on Tier 3 in the 2015 U. Trafficking in Persons report, alleges Thailand of taking insufficient actions to combat trafficking in persons, including with regard to unregulated labor brokers, victim identification, and protection of victims. The percentage of Mt F and Ft M patient is 90% are foreigner included American, Australian, European, Japanese, Singapore, and Middle East. With long experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery, our group of surgeon have been performed (Mt F), SRS (Penile Skin Inversion) 4,459 cases, SRS by Sigmoid Colon 975 cases and Ft M surgery, 1,820 cases since 1980-2009.

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Studies conducted by the ILO indicate that a minority in the fishing industry engages in these practices.

And there are no signs the hordes of foreign sex tourists are abating.