Online chat with skype for slaves

03-Mar-2017 14:27

What’s unfortunate is that the Skype vulnerability had been reported 2 months earlier! Like any mega-popular program it’s a mule for all kinds of hacks and viruses, the most recent being a malicious worm that gets sent as a text message link “lol is this your new profile pic?” Extra Labs Software quotes Chris Kaspersky’s 2007 article “Skype: hidden menace” to explain why Skype is an especially prone to viruses:“Skype is a black-box with a multi-level encryption system”, said Chris, “it is stuffed with methods to prevent debugging of the executable, and it reads your private information and sends it via Internet using a closed protocol. The newest Skype security leak was all over the tech news this week.Apparently, its create-a-new-account procedure coupled with its password-reset procedure allowed anyone to take over another person’s Skype account just by knowing that person’s email address.We kept it on imvu mostly but we did eventually exchange skype info.

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The Next Web actually reproduced the hack and explains, “Essentially, that email address is used to create a new account with your own email address tied to it.