Luxembourg porn

04-Dec-2016 10:45

Known as the “Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act,” the initiative would require that actors in pornography wear condoms. The measure was hard fought, with health care advocates on one side and the porn industry on the other.

Spending against the initiative included 7,000 from two companies tied to Manwin Licensing International.

The look comes from the SS16 collection and costs £600 apiece.

The button details are a nice touch and the box pleated skirt is super flattering.

Video sites are by far the biggest consumers of bandwidth on the Web: Netflix, You Tube, Twitch … Of all top content providers, though, Mind Geek has by far the most shadowy presence.

Mind Geek (formerly known as Manwin) has over 100 million daily visitors and is one of the top 10 consumers of bandwidth; some reports have them in the top three.* They operate nearly a hundred websites that in total consume more bandwidth than Twitter, Amazon, or Facebook.

The general sentiment is that the porn business crash around 2008 was due to the rise of widescale piracy on tube sites and torrents, an increase in amateur porn, and the Great Recession.The visit is yet another addition to a planned schedule of European engagements, including official visits to Poland and Germany in July.