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17-Oct-2016 12:04

I am purchasing this .22 from an Estate so I don't yet have it in my possession. Having a bit of a time trying to identify year of manufacture for a .22 Mag S&W revolver. I say this because there are numbers in the Crane but not the typical model numbers you see now days, so I don't really know what the model number is. Your reported serial #K290xxx should be a 1957 K-frame and as noted the .22mag caliber wasn't available.

I will try to get numbers from the Crane if this helps. It appears to be a 6" bbl with adjustable sights on a J frame? Serial # is correct as stated and bbl is likely a 6", 5" to frame, stamped .22 Magnum CTG. The J-frame Model 51 came about in 1960 but I don't know that a 6" barrel was even offered.

I am purchasing this .22 from an Estate so I don't yet have it in my possession. When you see it again be sure to check the serial number on the butt as cranes sometimes have "assembly" numbers and check under the extractor for a matching number on the cylinder. It's sounding like its been re-barelled to .22mag and the cylinder possibly swapped out or re-chambered.

I will try to get numbers from the Crane if this helps. ***The serial # of the gun is the letter and #'s on the butt of the frame. When the recording comes on, press # 7 and speak to a rep. ALL true model 48's should have the model stamped in the crane as they were produced only as "model number" revolvers after S&W adopted that system sometime in 1957.

Apparently my k frame was made in a date way before the guy who sold it to me bought it, but I trust there books.

S&W can probably provide an exact date based on the serial number.i have a S&W model 15-3 in the family collection and wanted to see if i can find out how to date one of these revolvers so i can a general year of production I tried calling Smith and they almost gave me the runaround with giving me the manufacturing date. LAPD and LASD, among other LEA, both issued them and 1970 was in that model's big time relative to production.

So, I understand that there is a book that allows the owner to look up manufacture dates of S&W's based on their serial number.

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I may have to finally get around to buying that smith book that gives the dates.

My father recently gave me a S&W 586-1 6" (with the "M" stamp) that he bought some time ago. Hopefully this can help out others as well, and if there is already a thread for this, I apologize.

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