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Ke$ha braves the sidewalk while leaving the El Rey Theatre without her shoes on Wednesday (November 14) in Los Angeles. The 25-year-old singer attended Petty Fest West, a two-day concert event to celebrate the music of Tom Petty. This time around, the 26-year-old sports cornrows, sits with pitbulls and drinks glitter out of a 40 as she celebrates living life to the fullest,…More » Did y’all see Ke$ha at the Billboard Music Awards and think, “Wow, she’s brave to wear so little makeup at such a star-studded event.” If so then you’re probably dead or an Evangelical or work for Hollywood Life or something because the rest of the world was agog about her Givenchy dress that showed off…PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ke$ha “just got off stage w/ Johnny depp and patrick carney. When you’re in a relationship, hooking up with someone, or just going back for a casual one-night stand, there is a pretty high chance you and your dude will have a slumber party. Olen kena ja sbralik, ootan sind, et su peva veidi aegagi rmsamaks muuta. ORN nagu kass ja temperamentne naine 42/160/74 pakub: klassikaline massaaz, erootiline massaaz,sex ja suusex, strap- on.

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The album stayed on the charts for over a year, selling over 1.6 million copies. Cole's sixth album Point of No Return (2014) was released on October 7, 2014, and had unsuccessful sales, selling less than 45,000 copies and being Cole's lowest-selling album to date.

Cole released her second album Just like You (2007), and the album debuted and peaked at number two on the Billboard 200. Along with her music, Cole has ventured into reality television.

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The album debuted and peaked at number nine on the Billboard 200, with first week sales of 129,000. Her third reality show Keyshia Cole: All In premiered on February 24, 2015.