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20-Feb-2017 19:24

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Since it joined Yahoo, the site has started displaying low-quality “chum”-style ads in between user posts on the Dashboard.

Looked at from a bottom-line perspective, Tumblr is an also-ran like its parent company — a once-hot start-up that has eased into tech-industry irrelevance.

Clearwater Deputy Chief Donald Hall said Stiles eventually came to a dead end where he had to make a decision - drive his black SUV into the water or surrender.

He was taken into custody and faces multiple charges, including DUI, reckless driving, hit and run, and threatening a public servant.

Hall said people started calling 911 when they saw Stiles on Facebook Live, while others called from the beach.

Earlier this month, Verizon completed its acquisition of Yahoo, incorporating the internet-portal pioneer’s slate of brands under a new umbrella corporation named, ominously, Oath.

A man has live-streamed the moment he drunkenly sped down a Florida beach, running over beach chairs and umbrellas while swigging whiskey. 'He held him phone out the window at one point to film one of the police cars in pursuit.

Ryan Stiles, 27, sent beachgoers scrambling for safety on Thursday afternoon when he drove onto Clearwater Beach and led police on a nine minute high speed chase. Moments later, Stiles intentionally crashed into a number of beach chairs and umbrellas as he cheered and screamed 'Crash parade, bro'.

Clips of these cringe-worthy videos exist online today, where subjects speak directly into a camera about who they are and what they’re looking for.After that, for further research, please take the time to review our Website, our Facebook Page and our Twitter feed.Ethical Non-Monogamy is the practice of having multiple partners (be they emotional and/or sexual) with the knowledge and acceptance of all involved.The limitation is at odds with the flood of video onto Instagram, Whats App, and Facebook, following the rise in popularity of Snapchat.

The problem isn’t necessarily a general aversion to video dating, which has been around longer than smartphones and the internet.We endeavour to make this purpose a reality by being a supportive and vibrant community of like-minded individuals, while also acting as a resource and source of information for members of the media, academia and the public at large.

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