Edinburgh speed dating cargo

08-Jan-2017 04:44

Since my fantasy self is wall-to-wall busy these days – building schools in Zanzibar, touring as a concert pianist and writing prize-winning novels from a croft on the West Coast of Ireland – I usually give her ideas short shrift. It’s been prompted by the sight of an elegant mother from my son’s nursery zipping around on a trike with her three sons beaming in the cart up front.

Before I can say “fair-weather cyclist” I find myself picking up the phone.

Martin is the mechanic who knows more about how they work.

I tell them I’m going to ditch my Mini Countryman for a week and commit to ferrying my children around London in a bucket bike.

Which were eventually printed by another member of the family who told told me all the rest of the site was just junk Easy way to buy tickets but hate the way these agencies keep adding on stuff.

I bought an email ticket to print off myself using my own paper, ink and electricity and got charged for the privilege.

The problem with my fantasy self, I realise the moment after I hang up, is that she’s never realistic.

Cargo bikes are all well and good if you’re organised, live in Copenhagen and have strong calf muscles. What if you live at the top of a hill in Kensal Rise, north-west London, are out of shape and always running late?

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My fantasy self drives my kids around town in a cargo bike.

SSE is urging people to question the plans and says that if they go ahead, residents will see an aircraft flying overhead every 85 seconds compared to the current rate of a couple of minutes.