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(And you’re really, really done dating the same duds…) Do you dream of waking up every day in the warm, safe, committed and loving arms of your soulmate?

If you have found your way to this page and if you’ve been nodding your head “Yes” to the questions above, then keep reading, because your entire life (not just your love life) is about to change for the better.

But it seems that some users of the secret-sharing Whisper app went to a whole lot of trouble to wriggle out of a less-than-appealing date, offering up excuses that are strange, imaginative, and sometimes totally unbelievable.

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When a man dates a younger woman he’s a god-like creature amongst the men. However, if a woman dates a younger man, she’s a cradle robber. If I find love in the form of a 25-year-old more power to me.ear Spiritual, Smart and Inspired Soulmate Seeker, How would your life be different if you had someone special to share your journey with?How fulfilled and elated would you feel if your “other half” was next to you, rooting for you every step of the way?You may have a suspicion that something different – something better – is possible in relationships.

That true love is possible…but all you’ve ever seen around you were drama fueled, on-again-off-again “please love me, don’t leave me,” or painfully boring, “I’d-rather-be-alone” relationships.

I am conducting my own research based on who I have given dates to in the past and who I should not have given dates to.