Usps priority mail status not updating

13-Aug-2017 19:50

usps priority mail status not updating-45

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It takes me some time to realize and I think I might lost it forever.The great things is your staff ** keep that for me.The services below send tracking status updates to Ship Station automatically every few hours. This means that you won't need to click the Track Shipments button unless you want Ship Station to manually pull the latest information, additionally you'll be able to set up Delayed Shipment Notifications based on when the shipment first hits the mailstream, or even customer emails when a "Delivered" status is detected on a shipment. You can click on the tracking number to take you to the carrier's page for that shipment.Once the package is delivered, the plane will change into a checkmark. Final mile tracking with delivery confirmation is available if selected on applicable packages. Is a signature required by the recipient for delivery confirmation service?

The word "DELIVERED" will appear under the event name column once actual delivery has been made.

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